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SAMS: Save a Mutt Shelter

We are a small shelter with big dreams.

We have pulled and sheltered hundreds of dogs from kill shelters and found homes for those dogs who would have otherwise been euthanized.  We have transported over a thousand dogs to rescues in northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana as well as to specific breed rescues. We also accept owner relinquished dogs so they do not have to experience the negative environment of a dog pound. We prefer helping people through education and training to keep their beloved pets.

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A Note from Karen:

Kuranda Dog Beds

I have had a great opportunity for a job in Champaign.  Since running a dog shelter pays zero, I had to finally give in and get a "real" job.  After two months of working, a man came and asked if I wanted to sell my house.  I thought driving to Champaign would be easy, but it isn't.  Three hours on the road a day is too much for this old lady.  So I am moving to Urbana in July.

At this point, we are not taking dogs but still helping animal controls find places to send their dogs so killing them is not necessary.  Hopefully we will start up again in November.  I won't be keeping a dozen dogs at a time because I will be living in town.  We will be doing more foster homes, etc. Don't leave our page, we will be helping in other ways than keeping dogs here until I get settled. It takes all of us to save these precious souls! Love you all and I hope you continue to support us.

Hi Karen:

I try to send you a picture of our little Gizmo every year. We adopted him in 2011. Here he is sunbathing. He loves to be outside just laying around or playing ball or going on long walks. He's really good at catching flies too. Haha! He is such a happy boy and we love him so much. Thank you for all the hard work you do with these dogs!!

Renée Weaver